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The most powerful 3-stack

When you advertise, getting a lead is only half the battle. Good marketing makes selling the lead your services a million times easier.


Organization and SYSTEMS.

And we set it all up for you and teach you how to use it. Don't worry... It's so easy to use it's kind of funny... You'll kick yourself for being reluctant to move from paper to digital.

Facebook Lead Generation

Imagine turning on a campaign and getting your first appointment within the first 24 hours. That's what happens when we install our lead gen system into your contracting company.

Automatic bookings directly to your calendar

Don't stress about calling leads back quickly for fear they won't answer, then ghost you. With our system, homeowners book directly onto your calendar.

Customer Relationship Management

Our entire system is built on top of the best CRM in the industry. Why is it the best? Because it's powerful but easy to use. Imagine actually using a CRM, being organized, knowing EVERYTHING about your clients and leads... Game changer.


How do we choose the service area? Is it by zip code? A radius? How does that work?

When roofing contractors want to use our system for finding new customers, they often ask how we choose the areas to target.

We do this by looking at a map together on the onboarding call and figuring out the best places to advertise based on where you want to work.

We keep it simple so Facebook understands where to show your ads.

This is important because it helps our system work better than other systems that end up with targeting that's way too confusing.

How much money does it cost to advertise?

Contractors often ask us if our marketing system is right for them and one of their common questions is, "How much money does it cost to advertise?"

Our recommendation is to spend at least $50 each day on your ads.

But, the more money you spend on advertising, the more people you'll reach in your service area each day.

It's like a game of numbers - the more people you reach, the more chances you have of getting new customers, as long as your message is clear and resonates with people who live in your area.

How many leads per month can I expect with your marketing system?

We recommend $50 per day on the ad spend typically get 30-60 leads per month, depending on the time of year, location, weather, etc.

That is usually enough leads to close a handful of deals their first month to make a really good ROI, and then the months following are even better as some of the leads from the prior months begin crossing the finish line.

I’ve tried lead companies like yours before that run Facebook ads. It didn't work. I either got no leads or really junky leads. Some people even said they never filled anything out and wondered why I was calling them. Why is yours different?

Facebook has a terrible flaw.

It knows how to get you leads, but it has no idea if the quality of the leads is good or bad, unless you tell it.

What our system does is, after a lead comes in, it automatically tells Facebook's ad platform if it is likely a good lead or a bad lead.

If it's likely a bad one, it essentially says to Facebook, "Thanks for the effort, but this is not the kind of lead we want. Stop wasting our money showing people like this our ads."

And when a lead is likely good, it essentially says to Facebook, "This is what we want. Spend our money showing our ads to people like this person."

When I get a lead, how is it sent to me?

When a homeowner fills out a form or questionnaire on the landing page we create for you, their information is immediately sent into the CRM that we set up for you.

Additionally, every single lead you get with our system is automatically added into a Google Spreadsheet that you have access to so you can see all the leads you ever get with our system.

Bonus: We can send the leads directly into your CRM if you're using one so you don't have to manually enter them.

Can the leads be sent automatically into the CRM (e.g., AccuLynx, JobNimbus, etc.) we are using?

Yep! We configure this on the onboarding call

I don’t currently have a CRM (and I kind of don’t even know what a CRM is). Can you tell me about them and do you have one you recommend?

A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management system, is a computer program that helps companies keep track of their interactions with customers. It's like a digital notebook that keeps all the information in one place, such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, and notes about what was discussed during each conversation. This helps companies remember who their customers are and what they need, so they can provide better service and sell more products or services to them. Think of it like a digital assistant that helps companies stay organized and remember important details about their customers.

If you don't have one, good! Because we have one that we think is the best in the industry, and if you are our client you get to use it at no additional cost to you!

My website sucks. Is that going to negatively affect the results I experience with your advertising?

Your website sucks?


Hopefully that means you didn't waste thousands of dollars on having it built.

The fact of the matter is this:

No one cares that your website sucks except you.

Homeowners simply want to buy roofs and other contracting services from people they trust.

As long as you have a website, that's almost always good enough in the event a person does a quick search to make sure you're legit.

And it won't negatively affect any of the advertising we do for you because instead of sending traffic to your website, we send it to custom-built landing pages that we build for your advertising campaign that we know work to get leads.

Problem solved.

I am just starting out and basically have nothing… No website, no Facebook page for my business, no Google profile… Do I need to create all of that prior to enrolling into your program?

Nope. We actually LOVE bringing on clients who are just starting out because we have a complete setup option to get you up and running without all the hiccups associated with having your digital stuff spread out amongst several companies.

We can build your website, Facebook business page, Google business profile, and more.

Plus, we integrate all of it with our CRM that you can use at no additional cost to you so long as you are enrolled in our marketing system.

How quickly do leads start coming in once I enroll into your program?

Once you enroll in our program, the next step is to complete the onboarding call.

You're usually able to schedule that within a day or so of enrolling.

After that onboarding call, we have everything created and sent to you for approval within one week, but it's usually ready for your approval in 2-5 days.

Once you approve of everything, we turn the ads on and your first leads usually start coming in in the first 24 hours.

So, if you enroll with us today, for instance, and scheduled your onboarding call with us for 2 days from now, you'd have leads coming in as early as 4 days from now.

That's one of the best things about Facebook ads that actually work.

unlike SEO or other marketing services, our leads system works instantly.

No waiting months for things to "warm up."

I’m not good with technology at all. Will this be complicated for me?

Nope. Most of our clients spend their time in the field and running their contracting company.

They aren't "computer guys."

They're craftsmen and salesmen, not techies.

We make it simple by running a really efficient onboarding call to get things going.

After that Zoom call, you don't need to do anything except get in touch with the leads that come in and sell your services. Simple.

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